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“51% of IT professionals report they have to work with their data for days, weeks or more, before its actionable”

This should be minutes!

“Nearly one fifth of companies have difficulty accessing data from another part of the organisation”

Data should be on-hand, easy to understand and ready use, instantly

Fast Deployment of Analytics by Building Data Products

We believe a BI developer, Business Analyst or Data Scientist shouldn't spend more than minutes on tasks that don't directly go towards building a "data product"

What is a Data Product, and why do I care?

Typical workloads on data platforms are complex multi-team affairs and can take months in: delivering the ingestion of data, time spent with team hand-offs and re-inventing the wheel each time due to lack of re-use.

A Data Product approach solves this by...

Empowering the business data teams to solely be able to create data and analytics "products" at the speed that they need them

Fully encapsulated component

A data product is “stand alone” delivery of data and analytics containing all the data (structured for the specific use-case), transformation logic (from original source), model code and visulisations. Allowing the business data teams to focus all thier effort needed to deliver the business outcome

Data Product Ecosystem

Data Products get deployed in an domain-oriented decentralized ecosystem which can cope with the increasing numbers of use cases and diversity of analytics across the business without comprising time to market of delivery

Self Service Discovery and Usage

Data users can easily and quickly discover, understand and use high quality,secure and well governed, data products in a self-service experience across all domains (business areas).

Now I have my product hat on, what do I need to deliver them?

The Enterprise Data Mesh provides a fully self-service data infrastructure that empowers your business teams to create "data products" in minutes

Enterprise Data Mesh

What does the Data Mesh provide to help me build data products?

How can I get started?

Dataception's Enterprise Data Mesh

Industry leading Enterprise focused Data Mesh solution to build and utilise thousands of dashboards, metrics, machine learning models and data sets to run your business

Solution Outcomes

Work with our platform specialists to show how with a few days of investment you can see how to deploy hundreds of AI and Analytics products across your organisation

AI and Data Transformation

For a more tailored outcome - We can work with you on your digital and AI transformation initiatives. Companies who have implemented our operating model maximise collaboration and can achieve a real data culture