Accelerating time to decision making by getting insight directly to the business with as little friction and soon as possible.

The key to solving this for Dataceptions’ customers is to implement a collaborative, globally accessible data curation and distribution capability that allows data assets to be easily and quickly shared, worked on, interactively, across the organisation

Using Deceptions’ data platform data assets and insight that are produced by Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Engineering teams are stored, catalogued and organised so that they can be easily and quickly accessed by different parts of the organisation.

The platform provides a quick, intuitive and easy life-cycle interaction process that enables businesses to collaborate, discover, analyse, create/augment annotate and re/publish back for others to use

This capability is built on scalable, and secure hybrid cloud infrastructure that allows companies to develop and deploy either on premise, in the public cloud or at the edge and allows a phased migration to public cloud rather than going “big-bang”.

Along with this capability users can build/run & deploy analytics on their tools of choice including Business Intelligence tools for metric and report creation, open source frameworks for machine learning and even vendor analytics applications.

By using Dataceptions’ architectural and data best practice implementation patterns together with the platform an organisation can gain competitive advantage and easily embed next generation analytics into their business

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